Wednesday, May 27, 2009

As you can see from the pictures above our little cousin/nephew Lincoln paid us a visit over memorial day weekend. And the girls *cough cough Kendal* saw that as an opportunity to dress up yet another live doll that isn't Spencer. So Kendal did his hair and Lincoln put on a pair of sassy leopard print glasses. Looking like "Gap" kids model he strutted his stuff in a photo shoot in our living room:)

Having two kids already being done with kindergarten we know what to expect. One of these things being the house project we have all had to do. Basically you are to build a model of your own house. But this year they changed it up a bit so you just had to build a house. So this is Sydney's dream house she hopes to live in when she pursues her dream to become a Disney princess.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

It's a shoot out

Of course, Santa has a wicked sense of humor and decided to provide all the kids with nerf guns and lots of extra ammo. How delightful for the person who picks all the ammo up all year long as part of her cleaning. Next time Santa should check with Mrs. Claus.

Here's all the kids goodies. I have this obsessive need to catalog every year what they got. Hopefully when they are old and trying to tell their kids that they only got figgy pudding I can produce evidence that they also got fruitcake.

So here's glimpse into out 2008 Christmas. I vowed this year not to take so many pictures that I couldn't scrapbook them all. That assumes I'm scrapbooking which I haven't done for a while. But here's a smattering of our holiday cheer. Now we are into cheerless Jan, maybe we could use a little yuletide lift.
So here we are - entering the blogging universe albeit a little slowly. Hope you enjoy keeping up with our wacky antics. Just remember tips are appreciated. Good golly miss molly let's get started.